Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sneak Preview

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Wikipedia on a George Clooney film released yesterday —

"The studio's major production is Hail, Caesar! ,
an epic set in ancient Rome and starring Baird Whitlock
(Clooney). During a shoot, Whitlock drinks from a goblet
of wine drugged by an extra; he passes out behind the
soundstage and is abducted. A ransom note soon arrives,
written by a group calling itself 'The Future' and demanding
$100,000, which Mannix arranges to have paid. Whitlock
awakens in a beach house and finds his way into a meeting
of The Future, a Communist cell. The members explain their
doctrine to him, and he begins to sympathize with their cause."

See also this morning's post Space Program:

"Bad news on the doorstep…." — American Pie

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