Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Word to the Wise:

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Related material:

From the website of the American Mathematical Society today,
a column by John Baez that was falsely backdated to Sept. 1, 2015 —

Compare and contrast this Baez column 
with the posts in the above
Log24 search for "Symplectic."

Updates after 9 PM ET Sept. 17, 2015 —

Related wrinkles in time: 

Baez's preceding Visual Insight  post, titled 
"Tutte-Coxeter Graph," was dated Aug. 15, 2015.
This seems to contradict the AMS home page headline
of Sept. 5, 2015, that linked to Baez's still earlier post
"Heawood Graph," dated Aug. 1. Also, note the 
reference in "Tutte-Coxeter Graph" to Baez's related 
essay — dated August 17, 2015 — 

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