Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Tuesday September 10, 2002

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The Sound of Hanging Rock

On this date, director Robert Wise was born in Winchester, Indiana.   Credits include

“Born to Kill,”
“I Want to Live,” and
“The Sound of Music.” 

“Director Robert Wise suggests that we all share a collective dark side.” — Robert Weston

According to various Web sources, 

  • On this date in 1964, Rod Stewart records his first song, “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.”

    Good morning little schoolgirl
    Good morning little schoolgirl
    Can I come home with
    Can I come home with you
    Tell your mama and your papa
    I once was a schoolboy too

  • On this date in 1965, The Byrds begin recording “Turn! Turn! Turn!” 

    A time of war, a time of peace
    A time of love, a time of hate
    A time you may embrace
    A time to refrain from embracing

  • On this date in 1966, Neal Diamond sings his first chart song, “Cherry Cherry.”

    Tell your mamma, girl, I can’t stay long
    We got things we gotta catch up on
    Mmmm, you know
    You know what I’m sayin’

With the exception of The Byrds, the above music seems to reflect the spirit of Pan, a god discussed in my September 9 notes below.

For a perhaps more accurate rendition of the spirit of Pan, see the classic Australian film

Picnic at Hanging Rock.

“From the opening shot of Hanging Rock, lovingly framed by cinematographer Russell Boyd, accompanied by the strains of the pan flute played by Gheorghe Zamfir, the film sets its elegant, restrained tone….” 

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  1. odd..   was just listening to “turn turn turn” when i opened your page….

    Comment by harusame — Tuesday, September 10, 2002 @ 1:09 PM

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