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The gaze of Juliette Binoche, star of the film Bleu ,
in a post of December 16, 2003, suggests the following

From The Philosopher's Gaze,  by David Michael Levin,
University of California Press, 1999 — 

Now, the gathering of re-collection,
as a return to the opening ground,
Rücknahme in den zu eröffnenden Grund ,
would be crucial to the transfiguration of the
Gestalt: its release from the
disfigurements of enframing (
Gestell ) and
its emergence and becoming as a gathering
of the fourfold. The opening, gathering, and
laying-down that would take place in and as
the ring of the 
Geviert is therefore to be
understood as entering into a figure-ground
formation, a 
Gestalt , that our looking and
seeing would have opened up, gathered,
and laid down by 
virtue of their being (or say
by virtue of their 
character as) a hermeneutical
re-collection of being, gathering the presencing
of the lighting, the boundless giving-to-be-hold
of the field, into the pain and the thankfulness
of memory.

A hermeneutical re-collection —

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