Wednesday, December 17, 2014

For Rilke’s Panther

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The title refers to yesterday evening's remarks titled
"Free the Philosophical Beast" in The Stone , a NY Times  weblog. 

The January 2015 issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society
has an article by Michael J. Barany.  From November 2012 remarks
by Barany :

"A highlight of the workshop was Cathryn Carson’s interpretation
of the transcendental phenomenology and historicism of Husserl,
Heidegger, Cassirer, and a few others, launched from a moving
reflection on the experience of reading Kuhn."

See Carson's paper "Science as Instrumental Reason: Heidegger, Habermas,
Heisenberg," Continental Philosophy Review  (2010) 42483–509.

Related material: Monday's Log24 posts Rota on Husserl and Annals of Perception.

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