Monday, December 15, 2014

Mythic Metaphysics

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Today’s 8:01 PM post quoted Husserl on
the perception of the cube.

Another approach to perception of the cube,
from Narrative  Metaphysics on St. Lucia’s Day —

      See also Symplectic Structure and Stevens’s Rock.

From today’s 11:29 AM post —

John Burt Foster Jr. in Nabokov’s Art of Memory and
European Modernism
  (Princeton U. Press, 1993, p. 224) —

At the time of The Waste Land , in a comment on
Joyce’s Ulysses  that influenced many later definitions
of modernism in the English-speaking world, Eliot
announced, “instead of narrative method, we may
now use the mythical method.”13

For some illuminating remarks on a mythical  approach
to perception of the cube, see Gareth Knight on Schicksalstag   2012.

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