Saturday, July 20, 2002

Saturday July 20, 2002

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Welcome to your first post – you’re already publishing!

This post is private, so visitors can’t see it. To make it Public, click the “Private Entry” link below. Toggle it back to Private with another click.

To edit this post and turn it into your own unique first post, just click the “edit it” link, delete what you see, type what you want, and click “submit”. You can even create a whole new entry by clicking on “New Weblog Entry” in the toolbar above!

If you’re using Internet Explorer, you can use Ctrl-b for bold, Cntrl-i for italics, Cntrl-u for underline, or click “Create Hyperlink” to embed a link (Sorry, Netscape doesn’t support these features!). You can also use standard keyboard shortcuts to cut and paste: Ctrl-c to cut and Ctrl-v to paste.

There are lots of great ways to use and customize your weblog. Visit our Getting Started section for more ideas.

Good luck and have fun with your weblog!

P.S. Don’t forget to install the xTools button in your browser; it only takes a few seconds and lets you publish anytime, from anywhere on the Web… and it’s free!

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