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Nietzsche in Switzerland —

“In August 1884, he wrote to Resa von Schirnhofer:
‘Here one can live well, in this strong, bright atmosphere,
here where nature is amazingly mild and solemn
and mysterious all at once— in fact, there is no place
that I like better than Sils-Maria.'”

For more about Resa,  see another weblog’s post
of April 30, 2013.

A remark on Nietzsche from the epigraph of that weblog:

“His life’s work was devoted to finding one’s ‘style’
within the chaos of existence. The trick, obviously,
is not to lose your mind in the process.”

A remark from this  weblog on the above date —
Walpurgisnacht 2013 —

Finite projective geometry explains
the surprising symmetry properties
of some simple graphic designs— 
found, for instance, in quilts.

The story thus summarized is perhaps not
destined for movie greatness.

As opposed to, say, Chloe Grace Moretz —

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