Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday September 1, 2009

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Back to the Garden

The previous entry
dealt with an artist who died last Wednesday (August 26).

Dominick Dunne, producer of the film version of "The Boys in the Band," also died last Wednesday.

In his memory, four readings:

1. "Pilot Fish," by Hemingway

2.  Self-profile by Stephen Vider, author of "American Mystic" (see previous entry)

3. "Party Animal," Vider's essay on "The Boys in the Band" published on Sinatra's birthday, 2008

4.  Back to the Garden of Forking Paths (also on Sinatra's birthday, 2008)

Related material
from last Sunday morning:

"'Soul' of a Party Is Memorialized"
New York Times online front page
"In the Details."

The following illustration from
August 16th may also be relevant:

The Expulsion from Eden

Click cover to enlarge.

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