Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday June 28, 2009

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Sunday Jews
 by Hortense Calisher*

Sunday Jews … [2002] explores issues of identity in an eclectic family, which includes an art expert, an atheistic rabbi, an anthropologist, and an agnostic Irish Catholic.” —Encyclopaedia Britannica

Excerpt from Calisher's 'Strange Bedfellows' on the meaning of 'uh'

One definition
  of “uh”–

Strange Bedfellows:

Reba McEntire, illustration for her Palm Sunday, 2009, single 'Strange'

For some background,
 see Jefferson’s Birthday.

* Pictured next to John Updike
in “Multimedia” at the top of
 today’s NY Times obituaries
 (pdf, 1 megabyte).

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