Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday May 3, 2009

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Annals of
Sacred Geometry

(The phrase “sacred geometry”
is of course anathema to most
mathematicians, to whom
nothing is sacred.)

From “The Geometric
Art of John Michell
John Michell rendition of  'Remember now thy Creator...'
From this morning’s
 New York Times:

John Michell, Counterculture Author Who Cherished Idiosyncrasy, Dies at 76


Mr. Michell, a self-styled Merlin of the 1960s English counterculture, inspired disciples like the Rolling Stones with a deluge of writings….

Michell, who wrote on Glastonbury
(a site associated with King Arthur)
and on sacred geometry, seems to
have had a better education than
most sacred-geometry enthusiasts.
He is said to have studied at
Eton and at Trinity College,

He is not to be
confused with an earlier
Trinity figure, mathematician
John Henry Michell,
who died at 76 on the third
day of February in 1940

Related material:

See the Log24 entry
from the date of death
 of the later Michell —

  April 24

and, in light of the later
Michell’s interest in
geometry and King Arthur,
 the Log24 remarks for
Easter Sunday this year
(April 12).

These remarks include the
following figure by
Sebastian Egner related,
if only through myth,
to Arthur’s round table —

Conway's mystic circle of 13

— and the classic Delmore Schwartz
poem “Starlight Like Intuition
Pierced the Twelve

Which of the two John Michells
(each a Merlin figure of sorts)
would be more welcome in
Camelot is open to debate.

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