Monday, December 23, 2013

Paradise Alley

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From The Iceman Cometh  (1946, set in 1912) —

HOPE— (calls effusively) Hey there, Larry! Come over
and get paralyzed! What the hell you doing, sitting there?
(Then as Larry doesn't reply he immediately forgets him
and turns to the party. They are all very drunk now, just a
few drinks ahead of the passing-out stage, and hilariously
happy about it.) Bejees, let's sing! Let's celebrate! It's my
birthday party! Bejees, I'm oreyeyed! I want to sing! (He
starts the chorus of "She's the Sunshine of Paradise Alley,"
and instantly they all burst into song. But not the same song.
Each starts the chorus of his or her choice….)

From Paradise Alley  (1978, set in 1946) —

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