Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday September 7, 2008

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Bringing Change
to Washington

'Only I can bring change to Washington'-- LA Times, Sept. 7, 2008

First in War,
   First in Peace…

Quotations for
Chairman George

on February 22, 1999
(Washington’s Birthday)

I Ching Hexagram 49: The Image of Revolution

Fire in
the lake:
the image of Revolution

Thus the
superior man
Sets the calendar
in order
And makes the seasons clear.

Change for Washington:

'The Laws of Change: I Ching and the Philosophy of Life,' by Jack M. Balkin

For the details, see

“As important to Chinese civilization as the Bible is to Western culture, the I Ching or Book of Changes is one of the oldest treasures of world literature. Yet despite many commentaries written over the years, it is still not well understood in the English-speaking world. In this masterful [sic] new interpretation, Jack Balkin returns the I Ching to its rightful place….

Jack M. Balkin\

Jack M. Balkin

Jack M. Balkin is Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment at Yale Law School, and the founder and director of Yale’s Information Society Project. His books and articles range over many different fields….”

Wallace Stevens on 'the work of a comedian'

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