Tuesday, August 27, 2013


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For Fans of Bad Movies*

This post was suggested by my viewing last night
the 1995 horror film Species , and by news that 
Scarlett Johansson will be starring in a similar
production at the Venice Film Festival, which
opens tomorrow.

The new Johansson film, Under the Skin
is based on a novel by one Michel Faber.

Faber on books that have influenced him

"Most influential has possibly been John Berger's Ways of Seeing — 
not a novel at all (although Berger has written fiction) but a book of
art criticism. The influence of these wonderfully perceptive and
thought-provoking essays peeps out everywhere in my own work."

An excerpt from the Berger book—

Click image for a better view of the original.

Related material: Johansson in this journal, Sunday's NY Times 
teaser for a piece on Saturday Night Live, and a more serious
approach to the geometry of perspective.

* And of Ben Kingsley, who starred both in Species  and in
  a previous film by  the director of Under the Skin .

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