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The Question

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Maya Alexandri on September 7, 2009

… Blixen herself may have cut closer to the truth
in her final story in Winter's Tales , "A Consolatory Tale" [1942].

In it, a character explains,

What exactly [the imposter to the Prince] has told
the people I cannot report, partly because his sayings
seem to be deep and twofold, so that those who have
heard them do not remember them, and partly because
he really does not say much.  But the impression which
he has made is sure to be very profound.

Later, the imposter utters the following enigma: "Life and Death
are two locked caskets, each of which contains the key to the other."  
In other words, this imposter bore a striking resemblance to
Kahlil Gibran (or his modern day incarnate, Paulo Coelho).

Stylist or fraud, that's the question.

Stylist or fraud?

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