Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday June 19, 2008

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Soul Theorem

“The soul of the commonest object,
the structure of which is so adjusted,
seems to us radiant. The object
achieves its epiphany.”

James Joyce, Stephen Hero

NY Times obituaries June 19, 2008

Above: Screenshot of today’s
New York Times obituary for
mathematician Detlef Gromoll,
known for the “soul theorem.”

Gromoll died on May 31
according to his son
Hans Christian.

From his obituary:

“Detlef Gromoll was born in Berlin
 in 1938, and his childhood
 was disrupted by the falling
bombs of World War II.”

Related material:

The discussion here
 on June 1 of a lottery number
from the date of Gromoll’s death,
childhood, mathematics,
and prewar Berlin.

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