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Mathematical Review

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From a weblog post on June 11, 2013, by one Pete Trbovich:

Diamond Theory

Here again, I don't think Steven Cullinane is really unhinged per se. At the very least, his geometric study is fun to play with, particularly when you find this toy. And I'm not really sure that anything he says is wrong per se. But you might find yourself asking "So what?" or more to the point, "Why is this supposed to be the central theory to explaining life, the universe, and everything?"

It isn't  supposed to be such a theory.
I do not know why Trbovich thinks it is 

— Steven H. Cullinane

Update of 11 PM June 16:

For one such central theory of everything, see
the I Ching .  Diamond theory is, unlike that
Chinese classic, pure mathematics, but the larger
of the binary-coordinate structures  it is based on
are clearly isomorphic, simply as structures , to
the I Ching 's 
64 hexagrams.

Make of this what you will.

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