Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday April 19, 2008

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A Midrash for Benedict

On April 16, the Pope’s birthday, the evening lottery number in Pennsylvania was 441. The Log24 entries of April 17 and April 18 supplied commentaries based on 441’s incarnation as a page number in an edition of Heidegger’s writings.  Here is a related commentary on a different incarnation of 441.  (For a context that includes both today’s commentary and those of April 17 and 18, see Gian-Carlo Rota– a Heidegger scholar as well as a mathematician– on mathematical Lichtung.)

From R. D. Carmichael, Introduction to the Theory of Groups of Finite Order (Boston, Ginn and Co., 1937)– an exercise from the final page, 441, of the final chapter, “Tactical Configurations”–

“23. Let G be a multiply transitive group of degree n whose degree of transitivity is k; and let G have the property that a set S of m elements exists in G such that when k of the elements S are changed by a permutation of G into k of these elements, then all these m elements are permuted among themselves; moreover, let G have the property P, namely, that the identity is the only element in G which leaves fixed the nm elements not in S.  Then show that G permutes the m elements S into

n(n -1) … (nk + 1)

m(m – 1) … (mk + 1)

sets of m elements each, these sets forming a configuration having the property that any (whatever) set of k elements appears in one and just one of these sets of m elements each. Discuss necessary conditions on m, n, k in order that the foregoing conditions may be realized. Exhibit groups illustrating the theorem.”

This exercise concerns an important mathematical structure said to have been discovered independently by the American Carmichael and by the German Ernst Witt.

For some perhaps more comprehensible material from the preceding page in Carmichael– 440– see Diamond Theory in 1937.

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