Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday February 28, 2008

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Popularity of MUB’s

From an entry today at the weblog of Lieven Le Bruyn (U. of Antwerp):

“MUBs (for Mutually Unbiased Bases) are quite popular at the moment. Kea is running a mini-series Mutual Unbias….”

The link to Kea (Marni Dee Sheppeard (pdf) of New Zealand) and a link in her Mutual Unbias III (Feb. 13) lead to the following illustration, from a talk, “Discrete phase space based on finite fields,” by William Wootters at the Perimeter Institute in 2005:


This illustration makes clear the
close relationship of MUB’s to the
finite geometry of the 4×4 square.

The Wootters talk was on July 20, 2005. For related material from that July which some will find more entertaining, see “Steven Cullinane is a Crank,” conveniently reproduced as a five-page thread in the Mathematics Forum at groupsrv.com.

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