Sunday, March 31, 2013

For Baker

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Baker, Principles of Geometry, Vol. IV  (1925), Title:

Baker, Principles of Geometry, Vol. IV  (1925), Frontispiece:

Baker's Vol. IV frontispiece shows "The Figure of fifteen lines 
and fifteen points, in space of four dimensions."

Another such figure in a vector space of four dimensions
over the two-element Galois field  GF(2):

(Some background grid parts were blanked by an image resizing process.)

Here the "lines" are actually planes  in the vector 4-space over GF(2),
but as planes through the origin  in that space, they are projective  lines .

For some background, see today's previous post and Inscapes.

Update of 9:15 PM March 31—

The following figure relates the above finite-geometry
inscape  incidences to those in Baker's frontispiece. Both the inscape
version and that of Baker depict a Cremona-Richmond configuration.

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