Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eve and Cleavage

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From a poem by Frances Frost—

"The upper peak, the shattered rock that cleaves the northward sky
remains alone untaken by the darkness"

— "From a Mountain-Top," The North American Review ,
December 1939 (Vol. 248, No. 2, page 301)

For some material related to the Frost poem,
if only by verbal coincidence, see shattered + rock in this journal.

See also rock + cleavage.

For the relationship to Eve, see New Year's Eve, 2012
and the following image by Karolin Schnoor, who also
illustrated the New York Times  op-ed piece "Catholic
Education, in Need of Salvation
" published online on
Epiphany 2013 (see last evening's Log24 post)—

For some context, see Establishment of the Talented.

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