Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday August 19, 2007

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Symmetry and Mirroring

Deutsche Bank Logo

Logo design by Anton Stankowski

"… at the beginning of the thirties… Stankowski began to work as a typographer and graphic designer in a Zurich advertising agency. Together with a group of friends– they were later to be known as the 'Zurich Concretists'– he explored the possibilities of symmetry and mirroring in the graphic arts. Stankowski experimented with squares and diagonals, making them the hallmarks of his art. Of his now world-famous logo for the Deutsche Bank— the soaring diagonal in the stable square– he proudly said in 1974: 'The company logo is a trade-mark that sends out a signal.'"

Deutsche Bank Collection

New York firefighters
killed at Deutsche Bank

From RTE News, Ireland:

Fire at Deutsche Bank Aug. 18, 2007

"Two New York fire fighters were killed while trying to douse a blaze in the former Deutsche Bank building in the city.

The fire broke out on 14th and 15th floors yesterday afternoon and spread to several floors before it was brought under control about five hours later.

The building had been heavily damaged during the 11 September, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The building, which was damaged by falling debris of the twin towers that had collapsed in 2001 when terrorists flew hijacked planes into them, was being 'deconstructed' to make way for construction of a new Freedom Tower."

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From August 1

Restoring the Faith
After Hitting the Bottom

The New York Times
Published: August 1, 2007

What good is a nadir if it's denied or ignored? What's the value of reaching the lowest of the low if it can't buy a cheap epiphany?


Hallmark Card logo

When you care enough
to send the very best…

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"Cheap Epiphany, continued,"
from Aug. 3, as well as
A Writer's Reflections
(Aug. 14):

New Yorker cover, Aug. 20, 2007 (echoing Hexagram 14 in the box-style I Ching)

"Summer Reading,"
by Joost Swarte

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