Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday June 3, 2007

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Haunting Time

"Macquarrie remains one of the most
important commentators [on] …
Heidegger's work. His co-translation
of Being and Time into English is
considered the canonical version."

The Rev. John Macquarrie, Scottish Theologian, Dies at 87

The Rev. Macquarrie died on
May 28.  The Log24 entry
for that date contains the
following illustration:

A 4x4x4 cube

The part of the illustration
relevant to the death of
Macquarrie is the color.
From my reply to

a comment on the
May 28 entry:

"I checked out [Terence] McKenna and found this site on the aging druggie. I didn't like the hippie scene in the sixties and I don't like it now. Booze was always my drug of choice. Still, checking further, I found that McKenna's afterword to Dick's In Pursuit of Valis was well written."

From McKenna's afterword:

"Schizophrenia is not a psychological disorder peculiar to human beings. Schizophrenia is not a disease at all but rather a localized traveling discontinuity of the space time matrix itself. It is like a travelling whirl-wind of radical understanding that haunts time. It haunts time in the same way that Alfred North Whitehead said that the color dove grey 'haunts time like a ghost.'"

I can find no source for
any remarks of Whitehead
on the color "dove grey"
(or "gray") but Whitehead
did say that

"A colour is eternal.  It haunts time like a spirit.  It comes and it goes.  But where it comes it is the same colour.  It neither survives nor does it live.  It appears when it is wanted." —Science and the Modern World, 1925

The poetic remark of
McKenna on the color
"dove grey" may be
taken, in a schizophrenic
(or, similarly, a Christian) way,
 as a reference to the Holy Spirit.

My own remarks on the hippie
scene seem appropriate as a
response to media celebration
of today's 40th anniversary of
the beginning of the 1967
"summer of love."

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