Thursday, November 22, 2012

Putting the “I” in “IT”

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Jennifer Scott at IT Pro , Feb. 16, 2012, on Autonomy

Mike Lynch, founder of Autonomy  and vice president
of information management at HP, took to the stage
at his new parent company’s global partner conference
to impart his philosophy to the 3,000 partners gathered.

'It is no longer about the data but about the meaning
of that data,' he said. 'There is a fundamental revolution
going on in information and the industry is now about
the "I" not the "T" in IT.'"

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Madeleine L'Engle in
The Irrational Season
(1977), Chapter 9:

"After A Wrinkle in Time  was finally published,
it was pointed out to me that the villain,
a naked disembodied brain, was called 'It'
because It stands for Intellectual truth
as opposed to a truth which involves the whole of us,
heart as well as mind.  That acronym had never
occurred to me.  I chose the name It intuitively,
because an IT does not have a heart or soul. 
And I did not understand consciously
at the time of writing that the intellect,
when it is not informed by the heart, is evil."

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