Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday June 19, 2007

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Let No Man Write
My Epitaph

— Title of a novel
by Willard Motley

“Recall the passage in the Odyssey when he [Ulysses] encounters the Cyclops Polyphemos. Trying to disguise himself, to hide himself, Ulysses calls himself Outis– nobody, no man, personne. Here, in a strategy of simple erasure, the Subject masks his singularity behind no one, das Man (here in a sense that does not depend on the Heidggerian distinction between the authentic Dasein and the inauthentic das Man). In French, Outis is translated as personne, meaning no one, no particular subject.”

— Jacques Derrida, “Summary of Impromptu Remarks,” pp. 39-45 in Anyone, ed. by Cynthia Davidson (New York: Rizzoli International, 1991)

“In A GOOD YEAR, more than one reference is made to the secret of comedy. It’s all in the timing, two characters explain.” —Review at epinions.com

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