Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday May 13, 2007

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Prime Blue

“To the two gods of art, Apollo and Dionysus, we owe our recognition that… there is a tremendous opposition, as regards both origins and aims, between the Apolline art of the sculptor and the non-visual, Dionysiac art of music.”
The Birth of Tragedy,
    by Friedrich Nietzsche,
    Penguin, 1993, page 14.
    Quoted in “A Mass for Lucero.”

Half the Answer:
Commentary by spookytruth
from Log24, 2/22/2005:

“I mean, come on, Hunter, a stupid bullet through the head??? how creative, you brain-addled simpleton… if you take the assignment, if you are going to hook up your afterlife keyboard and transmit back and tell us about what it is REALLY like out there, if you decided to let your electric-shock fingers hot wire us the truth of the afterlife… if you really planned to tell us the answer to our ultimate, emotional question…… ‘does God prefer beer, wine, or a shot of whiskey.’ well, if that is what you decided to do well then, for God’s sake, don’t forget (oh, wait, yeah, you already DID FORGET, you half-baked, half brained, half witted, half-a-loaf, half pint pin head, you forgot, THE JOURNEY IS HALF THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

On Dionysus:

“For wine, he loves to view
    his altars stain,
 But prime blue ruin*–
    goes against the grain.”
— page 69, Jack Randall’s Diary

  *name “given by
   the modern Greeks to gin
— page 4, Jack Randall’s Diary

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