Saturday, December 2, 2006

Saturday December 2, 2006

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Venus at
St. Anne's

In honor of
the film "Bobby,"
now playing.

("Venus at St. Anne's"
is the title of the final
chapter of
the C. S. Lewis classic
That Hideous Strength.)

Star and Diamond

Symbol of Venus
Symbol of Plato

Related symbols:

Marilyn Monroe

Representation of Plato's Academy

Click on pictures
for details related tp
the Feast of St. Anne
(July 26).

"The best theology today,
in its repudiation of a
rhetorical religious idealism,
finds itself in agreement
with a recurrent note
in contemporary poetry….

We keep coming back
and coming back/
To the real: to the hotel
instead of the hymns/
That fall upon it
out of the wind.  We seek/
… Nothing beyond reality.
Within it/
the spirit’s alchemicana….

(From 'An Ordinary Evening
in New Haven,'
in The Collected Poems
of Wallace Stevens….

… Not grim/
Reality, but reality grimly seen….


— "The Church's
New Concern with the Arts
by Amos N. Wilder,
Hollis Professor
of Divinity, Emeritus,
at Harvard Divinity School,
in Christianity and Crisis,
February 18, 1957.




"All the truth in the world
adds up to one big lie."

— Dylan, "Things Have Changed"

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  1. Mr. Cullinane,

    Dylan couldn’t have said it better. Another song that rings true through the ages is “Masters of War.” No matter how I try to look at war(s), I can never get passed that song. One more thing: I think if this government wasn’t censoring the average person’s view of what is really going on, we would be on a different path already. NBC, FOX, etc., make me nauseous.

    From the Dark Side of the Moon Yet Again (aka Dena)

    Comment by Dark_Side_X_the_Moon — Sunday, December 3, 2006 @ 5:14 PM

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