Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday December 10, 2006

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The Librarian
on Nobel Prize Day

"Time and chance
happeneth to them all."
— Ecclesiastes  

PA Lottery Dec. 10, 2006: Mid-day 569, Evening 048

Timeline Index:

Pythagoras, born ca. 569 B.C.

The number 048
may be interpreted
as referring to…

A Miniature
Rosetta Stone

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"Function defined form,
expressed in a pure geometry
that the eye could easily grasp
in its entirety."

— J. G. Ballard on Modernism
(The Guardian, March 20, 2006)

"The greatest obstacle to discovery
is not ignorance —
it is the illusion of knowledge."

— Daniel J. Boorstin,
Librarian of Congress,
quoted in Beyond Geometry

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