Sunday, November 5, 2006

Sunday November 5, 2006

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The Hermeneutics
of Chance

“… as Genevieve W. Foster has shown in her Jungian analysis, the eyes, the rose, and the star are equivalent to the ‘Grail’ of The Waste Land.”

—  Grover Smith, T.S. Eliot’s Poetry and Plays: A Study in Sources and Meaning. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1956

The Grail also appears in legend as a stone–

From a Nov. 6, 2006, entry in the New Zealand weblog Arcadian Functor:

“Many modern Grail stories have a root in the early romances of von Eschenbach….

They live from a Stone whose essence is most pure. If you have never heard of it I shall name it for you here. It is called Lapsit exillis.

A search on “lapsit exillis” leads to “Cubic Stones from the Sky“…

These stones are often seen as the Holy Grail….

PA lottery Nov. 5, 2006: Midday 804 Evening 008

For 804, see
   8/04 —
The Presbyterian Exorcist
(in part a tribute to
Wallace Stevens).

For 008 and a
“cubic stone,”
Christmas 2005.

A poetic connection between the star
  of “The Hollow Men” and Christmas
is furnished by the remarks of
Wallace Stevens linked to in
the previous entry from
  the word “information.”

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