Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Wednesday August 2, 2006

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In memory of Wallace Stevens,
Presbyterian saint,
whose feast is today

Agon of the Critics:
Christian vs. Jew

The following are extracts from recent reviews of On Late Style, a book by Edward Said.

John Updike on Adorno and Said:

“‘The Tempest,’ like Beethoven’s late compositions, refuses, in Adorno’s phrase, to ‘reconcile in a single image what is not reconciled.’ Said wrote, ‘What I find valuable in Adorno is this notion of tension, of highlighting and dramatizing what I call irreconcilabilities.'”

Edward Rothstein on late style:

“Late style, Said suggests, expresses a sense of being out of place and time: it is a rejection of what is being offered. But listen to Beethoven or Strauss or Gould: the music is more like a discovery of place. That place is different from where one started; it may not even be what was once expected or desired. But it is there, in resignation and fulfillment, that late works take their stand, where even exile meets its end.”

The Jew wins.

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