Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday July 23, 2006

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Dance of the Numbers, continued:


Freeman Dyson on the role of the “crank” in the theory of partitions:

“‘Each step in the story is a work of art,’ Dyson says, ‘and the story as a whole is a sequence of episodes of rare beauty, a drama built out of nothing but numbers and imagination.'”

Erica Klarreich in
    Science News Online, week of
    June 18, 2005, quoted in
   “In Honor of Freeman Dyson’s Birthday:
    Dance of the Numbers
    (Log24, Dec. 15, 2005)

Paraphrase of Freeman Dyson’s remarks in The New York Review of Books, issue dated May 28, 1998:

“Theology is about words; science is about things.

“What is 256 about?”
Reply to Freeman Dyson,
    (May 15, 1998)

A partial answer to that rhetorical question: 256 is the cardinality of the power set of an 8-set.

For the role played by 8-sets and by 23 (today’s date) in partitions of a different sort, see Geometry of the 4×4 Square.

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