Friday, June 9, 2006

Friday June 9, 2006

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The Meadow
continued from
December 18, 2005

“After I had advanced a good while I came finally to a lovely meadow hedged about with a round circle of fruit bearing trees, and called by the dwellers Pratum felicitatis [the meadow of felicity].”

— From page 2 of   
Problems of Mysticism
and Its Symbolism, by
Herbert Silberer, 1914
 (English translation
published in 1917)

“And we may see
the meadow in December,
icy white and crystalline.”

— Johnny Mercer,
  “Midnight Sun

“The author of the preceding narrative calls it a parable. Its significance may have indeed appeared quite transparent to him, and he presupposes that the readers of his day knew what form of learning he masked in it. The story impresses us as rather a fairy story or a picturesque dream.”

— Silberer, Problems of Mysticism online

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