Saturday, April 7, 2012

Appeasing Epstein

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… On Holy Saturday

"'If only they could send us something grown-up… a sign or something.' 
And a sign does come from the outside. That night, unknown to the children,
a plane is shot down and its pilot parachutes dead to earth and is caught
in the rocks on the mountain. It requires no more than the darkness of night
together with the shadows of the forest vibrating in the signal fire to distort
the tangled corpse with its expanding silk 'chute into a demon that must
be appeased."

— Claire Rosenfield, 1961 essay about Lord of the Flies

Flies-related death from April 1

Edmund L. Epstein, Scholar Who Saved ‘Lord of the Flies,’ Dies at 80

See also Holy Saturday, 2004.

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