Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Geometry and Death

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Continued from other posts.

IMAGE- From the 3/13 NY Times obituaries- Albert Abramson, Holocaust Museum backer, with other deaths

Related material from Washington Jewish Week

"Abramson did not always get his way; he didn't have to win, but never took his eye off the ball— the Museum had to emerge the better. He did not take loses personally but pragmatically. A design for the Museum building done by an architect from his firm was charitably speaking 'mediocre.' It was replaced by a brilliant building designed by James Ingo Freed who rightfully regarded it as the master work of his distinguished career. Abramson became Freed's champion. He pushed the design team for a happy ending, saying that he knew the American people and they needed an uplifting ending since the subject of the Holocaust was so very depressing."

— and from the Holocaust Memorial Museum

IMAGE- Holocaust Museum, architectural details

Update of 5:01 AM March 13—

See also yesterday's post The Line and
the section "The Pythagorean/ Platonic tradition"
at David Wade's website Pattern in Islamic Art.

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