Monday, March 5, 2012

Establishment of the Talented

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For Women's History Month —

See this post's title in Log24 and the following from Pinkdex ,
the online catalog of the MIT Science Fiction Society (MITSFS)—

IMAGE- Pinkdex results for McCaffrey's 'Rowan' series

"The Pinkdex is so named because it was originally
maintained by another member of MITSFS, many years ago—
 Marilyn 'Fuzzy Pink' Niven [said to be so called for her sweaters],
 whose husband, Larry Niven, has written
or co-authored many of the books in the MITSFS library."

Susan Shepherd, MIT '11

See also MIT Commencement in this journal.

Postscript for the less technically oriented reader—
This post was suggested by yesterday's "Look, Buster,"
and by the middle name of William Rowan Hamilton.

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