Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday April 18, 2006

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Piedra y Luz

This morning’s New York Times tells of Philip J. Hyde, wilderness photographer, who died on March 30.  The following, taken from the website Sister Earth, is in his honor.

Cierra los ojos y oye cantar la luz:
El mediodía anida en tu tímpano

Cierra los ojos y ábrelos:
No hay nadie ni siquiera tú mismo
Lo que no es piedra es luz

Close your eyes and hear
   the song of the light:
Noon takes shelter in your inner ear

Close your eyes and open them:
There is nobody not even yourself
Whatever is not stone is light

(From Piedra Nativa,” by Octavio Paz, quoted in the Sierra Club book Baja California and the Geography of Hope, by Joseph Wood Krutch and Eliot Porter.)

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  date of Hyde’s death, and
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