Sunday, January 29, 2012


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Weblog posts of two prominent mathematicians today discussed
what appears to be a revolution inspired by the business practices
of some commercial publishers of mathematics.

See Gowers and Cameron.

My own concern is more with the so-called "Non-Euclidean Revolution"
described by Richard Trudeau in a book of that title (Birkhäuser, 1987).

A 1976 document relevant to the concerns in the Trudeau book—

Though not as well known as another document discussing
"self-evident" truths, Cameron's remarks are also of some
philosophical interest.

They apply to finite  geometry, a topic unknown to Euclid,
but nevertheless of considerable significance for the foundations  
of mathematics.

"The hand of the creative artist, laid upon the major premise,
 rocks the foundations of the world." — Dorothy Sayers

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