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Xmas Ornaments

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Yesterday's "diamond globe" post linked to a picture by Prof. Mike Zabrocki
of York University in Toronto. Here is the picture itself—
IMAGE- Permutahedron 'diamond globe' by Mike Zabrocki

Some related material from 2004—


2003-2004 Events:

Prof Talk: Thursday, April 1st, from 2:30pm to 3:30pm in North Ross 638.

Speaker:  Prof. Mike Zabrocki
Title:  "Gems of Algebra: The Secret Life of the Symmetric Group"

Prof. Zabrocki's talk was enjoyable and accessible.  One of the notable aspects of the talk was that Prof. Zabrocki presented some open problems related to the topics he was speaking about.  Unfortunately, there were some technical problems that resulted in some images not appearing in Prof. Zabrocki's PowerPoint presentation, but Prof. Zabrocki easily made up for the problem by some work at the chalk board.  Please feel free to take a look at Prof. Zabrocki's PowerPoint presentation, as well as the pictures of the permutahedron for n=4 and the permutahedron for n=5.

Some slides from the talk—




Detail from the slides—

IMAGE- Diamond ornament from slides by Mike Zabrocki

A less academic ornament, from this journal on the date
of the Zabrocki talk—

IMAGE- Rainbow on record label of hymns by Loretta Lynn

Click image for context.

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