Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday January 22, 2006

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Fourstone Parable

Alms for Oblivion:

IMAGE- Yale Babylonian tablet 7289 and Father Time

In memory of Akkadian scholar
Erica Reiner, who died at 81 on
December 31, 2005.

"Erica combined a tough-minded commitment to intellectual excellence with a dry wit, charm, and a deep love of art, music, and literature.  Erica's passion for her work was legendary. She was someone who expected the very highest standards of scholarly rigor both in her own work, and in the efforts of others."

Gil Stein, director of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago

A Mass for Dr. Reiner
was scheduled for
Friday the 13th
  at the church of
"doubting Thomas"–
St. Thomas the Apostle
in Chicago.

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  1. While not a particular fan of Led Zeppelin, OR a huge lover of Stairway To Heaven – – the line “to be a rock and not roll” comes to mind for some reason.

    Comment by BlueCollarGoddess — Sunday, January 22, 2006 @ 11:52 AM

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