Monday, December 5, 2011

The Shining (Norwegian Version)

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A check tonight of Norwegian artist Josefine Lyche's recent activities
shows she has added a video to her web page that has for some time
contained a wall piece based on the 2×2 case of the diamond theorem


The video (top left in screenshot above) is a tasteless New-Age discourse
that sounds frighteningly like the teachings of the late Heaven's Gate cult.

Investigating the source of the video on vimeo.com, I found the account of one "Jo Lyxe,"
who joined vimeo in September 2011. This is apparently a variant of Josefine Lyche's name.

The account has three videos—

  1. "High on RAM (OverLoad)"– Fluid running through a computer's innards
  2. "Death 2 Everyone"– A mystic vision of the afterlife
  3. "Realization of the Ultimate Reality (Beyond Form)"– The Blue Star video above

Lyche has elsewhere discussed her New-Age interests, so the contents of the videos
were not too surprising… except for one thing. Vimeo.com states that all three videos
were uploaded "2 months ago"— apparently when "Lyxe" first set up an account.*

I do not know, or particularly care, where she got the Blue Star video, but the other
videos interested me considerably when I found them tonight… since they are
drawn from films I discussed in this journal much more recently than "2 months ago."

"High on RAM (OverLoad)" is taken from the 1984 film "Electric Dreams" that I came across
and discussed here yesterday afternoon, well before  re-encountering it again tonight.



And "Death 2 Everyone" (whose title** is perhaps a philosophical statement about inevitable mortality
rather than a mad terrorist curse) is taken from the 1983 Natalie Wood film "Brainstorm."



"Brainstorm" was also discussed here recently… on November 18th, in a post suggested by the
reopening of the investigation into Wood's death.

I had no inkling that these "Jo Lyxe" videos existed until tonight.

The overlapping content of Lyche's mental ramblings and my own seems rather surprising.
Perhaps it is a Norwegian mind-meld, perhaps just a coincidence of interests.

* Update: Google searches by the titles  on Dec. 5 show that all three "Lyxe" videos
                 were uploaded on September 20 and 21, 2011.

** Update: A search shows a track with this title on a Glasgow band's 1994 album.

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