Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wednesday December 28, 2005

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Because shit happens.”

— caption on a poster ridiculing
    Diebold voting machines

The shit that happened yesterday to the family of the late John Diebold, automation expert and management consultant, is the following paragraph from his obituary in the New York Times:

“In addition to the Diebold Group, he started John Diebold Inc., an investment firm, in 1967. It financed such ventures as a computer leasing company and a well-known manufacturer of polling machines.”

This was written by Jennifer Bayot, who ordinarily covers business news for the Times.  Her sly reference to “a well-known manufacturer of polling machines” is apparently to the widely scorned Diebold Election Systems.  It appears to have no basis in fact.

Supporting this view–

Larry McShane, Associated Press:

“… his consulting firm John Diebold & Associates…. had no connection to electronic equipment company Diebold Inc.”

Richard Waters in the Financial Times:

John Diebold “was not related to the [late] Charles Diebold, a 19th century entrepreneur whose company, named Diebold, has gone on to become a leading maker of automated teller machines and voting machines.”

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