Saturday, November 19, 2011

Star Wars (continued)

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From Thursday's post All Things Fashion


From today's online New York Times


The nuclear symbol beneath the op-ed headline
is the most interesting part of this afternoon's front page—


Jung on projections

It is possible to project certain characteristics onto another person who does not possess them at all, but the one being projected upon may unconsciously encourage it.

"It frequently happens that the object offers a hook to the projection, and even lures it out. This is generally the case when the object himself (or herself) is not conscious of the quality in question: in that way it works directly upon the unconscious of the projicient. For all projections provoke counter-projections  when the object is unconscious of the quality projected upon it by the subject." ["General Aspects of Dream Psychology," CW 8, par. 519.]

For an object that "offers a hook to the projection," see yesterday's Hypercube Rotations


Central projection
of the hypercube

See also Stallion Gate  in this journal.

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