Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday November 12, 2005

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Ten is a Hen

Follow the spiritual journey
that is BEE SEASON.

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“‘Tikkun Olam,
the fixing of the world,’
she whispers.  ‘I’ve been
gathering up the broken vessels
to make things whole again.'”

   — Miriam in Bee Season

Tikkun Olam, the gathering
of the divine fragments,
is a religious activity….
How do we work for
the repair of the world?
If we live in a
humpty dumpty world,
how do we get it all
put back together again?”

The Rev. Dr. Joshua Snyder,
October 5, 2003

“… the tikkun can’t start until
everyone asks what happened–
not just the Jews but everybody.
The strange thing is that
  Christ evidently saw this.”

Martha Cooley, The Archivist 

“She understands that Bloom asked for breakfast in bed. Since we were present when Bloom fell asleep and he had not asked for breakfast in bed before he fell asleep, Molly may have misunderstood his sleepy murmurs about the Roc’s egg.”

Jorn Barger on Finnegans Wake:

“Acknowledging the dream as sexually harrowing, we’re offered relief in a view of ALP as a hen scratching up battle-relics from a midden heap after the fall/Flood.

And even if Humpty shell fall frumpty times as awkward again in the beardsboosoloom of all our grand remonstrancers there’ll be iggs for the brekkers come to mournhim, sunny side up with care….”

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