Monday, October 31, 2011

Beauty, Truth, Halloween

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On Halloween…

"Remember that for Ockham there is nothing in the universe that is
in any way universal except a concept or word: there are no real
natures shared by many things. However, things do resemble one
another, some things more closely  than others. So the various
degrees of resemblance give a foundation in reality for our conceptual
structures, such as Porphyry's tree.
Now resemblance (or similitude or likeness) is a relation.
If such relations are realities, then we can say that there are realities
out there that correspond to our conceptual structures."

R.J. Kilcullen at Macquarie University, course labeled Phil360


"The kernel of a homomorphism is always a congruence.
 Indeed, every congruence arises as a kernel."

Congruence Relation, section on Universal Algebra, in Wikipedia

"Beauty then is a relation."

Gerard Manley Hopkins

"An Attempt to Understand the Problem of Universals"
is the title of a talk by Fabian Geier, University of Bamberg—

"The talk was held at GdaƄsk University on May 26th 2008."

Related material— Stevie Nicks turns 60.

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