Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Possibly Related

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New York Lottery, October 25, 2011, as reported by The New York Times

Peter Woit, phrase from a weblog post on October 25th, 2011—

"In possibly related news…."

For 779, see post 779 in this  weblog.

For 8974, see Hollywood Endings.

For 082, see page  82 of Culture and Value , ed. G.H. von Wright, tr. Peter Winch (Oxford 1980) (as quoted by M. Jamie Ferreira in "The Point Outside the World: Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein on Nonsense, Paradox and Religion," Religious Studies , Vol. 30, March 1994, pp. 29-44, reprinted in Wittgenstein Studies  (1997))—

Wittgenstein: “God’s essence is supposed to guarantee his existence— but what this really means is that what is here at issue is not the existence of something.”

For 0372, see page  372 in Essays of Three Decades , by Thomas Mann, translated by H. T. Lowe-Porter, Alfred A. Knopf, 1947 ("Schopenhauer," 1938, pp. 372-410)—

THE PLEASURE we take in a metaphysical system, the gratification purveyed by the intellectual organization of the world into a closely reasoned, complete, and balanced structure of thought, is always of a pre-eminently aesthetic kind. It flows from the same source as the joy, the high and ever happy satisfaction we get from art, with its power to shape and order its material, to sort out life's manifold confusions so as to give us a clear and general view.

Truth and beauty must always be referred the one to the other. Each by itself, without the support given by the other, remains a very fluctuating value. Beauty that has not truth on its side and cannot have reference to it, does not live in it and through it, would be an empty chimera— and "What is truth?"

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