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Random thoughts from A Story (September 13th)—


April 24, 2003
A Terrible Beauty


August 26, 2002
Round Lights


April 24, 2005
Today's Sermon


March 24, 2008
Death and the Apple Tree

A September 24th story from The Washington Post

"James R. Adams was author or co-author of seven books,
beginning in 1971 with 'The Sting of Death.'"

Adams, an Episcopal priest, died on September 13th.

The September 13th Log24 post from which the above numbered links were
taken was in memory of film producer John Calley, who also died on that day.

A quote from Adams on the resurrected body of Christ:

"This new body had peculiar powers."

A quote from Calley:

"Let me put you in this unit."

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