Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Lost Word

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In memory of Bible translator Eugene Nida, who died on August 25

An excerpt from Log24 on that date

IMAGE- Aschbacher on the 2-local geometry of M24

Related biblical material from DailyGrail.com

"Dan Brown certainly packed a lot into the 500-plus pages of The Lost Symbol . But perhaps the key element to the story is the search for the ‘Lost Word,’ and— in the final pages— Robert Langdon’s discovery as to what that actually means. In the early chapters, Langdon explains to Sato that the Lost Word was 'one of Freemasonry’s most enduring symbols'…

…a single word, written in an arcane language that man could no longer decipher. The Word, like the Mysteries themselves, promised to unveil its hidden power only to those enlightened enough to decrypt it. “It is said,” Langdon concluded, “that if you can possess and understand  the Lost Word . . . then the Ancient Mysteries will become clear to you.”

and from Amazon.com.

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