Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday June 15, 2005

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From today’s New York Times,
a review of a Werner Herzog film,
“Wheel of Time,” that opens
today in Manhattan:

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From the June 13-14
midnight Log24 entry:

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“With a little effort, anything can be
shown to connect with anything else:
existence is infinitely cross-referenced.”

— Opening sentence of
Martha Cooley’s The Archivist

These images suggest
a Google search on the phrase
crucified on the wheel of time,”

which yields the following.

Click to go to DARK CITYDARK CITY (1998)
Crucified on the Wheel Of Time.
A visual feast.

From Dark City: A Hollywood Jesus Movie Review

“There is something mesmerizing about this important film. It flows in the same vein as The Truman Show, The Game, and Pleasantville.  Something isn’t real with the world around John Murdoch. Some group is trying to control things and it isn’t God.”


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