Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wednesday May 11, 2005

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Goodbye Girl

  From a goodbye letter
by a girl named
  Lucero in Cuernavaca
  in the early 1960’s:

Si me de veras quieres,
deja me en paz

(See Shining Forth.)

Today’s birthdays —
   Natasha Richardson,
   Martha Quinn,         
   Frances Fisher —     
 remind me of        


The Sprite and the Synergist
chapter in Bester’s The Deceivers:

Three drinks later he was suddenly inspired.  “What I need right now is a girl to lose myself in.  That’s the only way to wait for a pattern to show.”

One of his reciprocal Rogues (he had a dozen alternate selves) answered, “Feel free, but you left your big red book in the workshop.”

“Why, for jigjeeze sake, can’t I have the little black book, famed in song and story?”

“Why can’t you remember a phone number?  Never mind.  Shall we join the ladies?”

He made three calls, all negative.  He had three more drinks, all positive.  He stripped, went to his Japanese bed in the monk’s cell, thrashed, swore, and slept at last, dreaming

crazed p a t t e r n s
           a t t e r n s
           t t e r n s
           t e r n s
           e r n s
           r n s
           n s

“Whenever I want you,
all I have to do is…”

Deja me en paz…

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