Friday, April 1, 2005

Friday April 1, 2005

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April 1 at Noon

“Philosophers ponder the idea of identity: what it is to give something a name on Monday and have it respond to that name on Friday.”

— Bernard Holland, C12, N.Y. Times, 5/20/96

From Nov. 24, 2002:

Searched the web for “Joyce and Aquinas” “William T. Noon“.  Results 1-5 of about 15:

Dogma, theological” — entry in the index (paper, not marble) to Joyce and Aquinas, by William T. Noon, SJ, Yale U. Press 1957, 2nd printing 1963, page 162.
m759.freeservers.com/2001-03-20-dogma.html – 9k 

The Matthias Defense
Contemplatio: aesthetic joy of, 54-5″ — index to Joyce and Aquinas, by William T. Noon, SJ, Yale University Press, second printing, 1963, page 162.
m759.freeservers.com/2001-03-22-matthias.html – 6k 

Wag the Dogma
One economy would be to teach the trivium using only one book — Joyce and Aquinas, by William T. Noon (Yale, 1957), which ties together philology, logic, and
m759.freeservers.com/2001-04-06-wag.html – 6k 

Shining Forth
Please go away, Paz begged silently…. “De veras! It’s so romantic!”. — Let Noon Be Fair William T. Noon, SJ, Chapter 4 of Joyce and Aquinas, Yale University
m759.freeservers.com/2001-03-15-shining.html – 10k 

Midsummer Eve’s Dream
notions… The quidditas or essence of an angel is the same as its form. (See William T. Noon, SJ, Joyce and Aquinas, Yale, 1957).
m759.freeservers.com/1995-06-23-midsummer.html – 12k

See also Monday’s entry.

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